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TLS Gets an Upgrade: Welcome 1.3

Last updated January, 2017

TLS 1.3 is coming soon, and bringing with it lots of exciting changes! See some of what's in store.

tls, tls13, security

Starting with Security Headers

Last updated October, 2016

Starting with Security Headers: What are they, what do they do, and how do I set and monitor them? We'll cover Content-Security-Policy, Strict-Transport-Security, Public-Key-Pins, X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, and a look ahead at Suborigin.

http headers, security

HTTPS Cipher Suites for Beginners

Last updated November, 2016

We take a look at the basics of what HTTPS SSL/TLS ciphers suites are, how they fit into the TLS session, and what makes a good server configuration.

SSL/TLS, ciphers, introduction, security

The Importance of Monitoring

Last updated November, 2016

Best practices for nearly all software systems involve monitoring, yet many do little more than simple logging for web sites. We look at uptime monitoring, intrusion detection, and configuration monitoring.

monitoring, uptime, IDS, configuration

HTTPS Everywhere, and Beyond

Last updated December, 2016

Get caught up on the state of web encryption, and the time-lines for moving towards a fully encrypted web.

https everywhere, tls, encryption, web